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SAVEWO 3DMASK MEMORIES KF94 (Dusty Rose) - Regular (R) Adults
SAVEWO 3DMASK MEMORIES KF94 (Dusty Rose) - Regular (R) Adults
SAVEWO 3DMASK MEMORIES KF94 (Dusty Rose) - Regular (R) Adults
SAVEWO 3DMASK MEMORIES KF94 (Dusty Rose) - Regular (R) Adults
SAVEWO 3DMASK MEMORIES KF94 (Dusty Rose) - Regular (R) Adults

SAVEWO 3DMASK MEMORIES KF94 (Dusty Rose) - Regular (R) Adults

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Three-dimensional Adult Protective KF94 Mask
30 pieces/box, individually packaged

Color: Dusty Rose

Size: Regular (R)
unfolded: 170 x 110 mm
suitable for the average size adult face

Tired of the boring white and black masks? The SAVEWO 3DMASK Memories Collection is here to help you modernize your look. The Memories mask is stylish, comfortable and protective. 


  • 3D mask designed for breathability
  • soft 6mm earbands for long wear comfort
  • designed and produced in Hong Kong
  • individual packaging
  • Type.Cool+ filtration technology for breathability
  • ultra-low Breathing Resistance: <2.4mmH2O
  • ESPP skin-friendly inner layer
  • bacteria filtration efficiency BFE>99.9%
  • particle filtration efficiency PFE>99.9%
  • virus filtration efficiency VFE>99.9%
  • maintains filtration efficiency for more than 24 hours
  • prevent droplets and splashes up to 160mmHg
  • comply with South Korea KMOL-2017-64 KF94 standards
  • meets Filtration and Breathing Resistance of 42 CFR 84(NIOSH) test standards (Note: this not a NIOSH approved N95 respirator)
  • meet the American ASTM F2100-19 Level3 standards
  • comply with EU EN14683:2019 Type IIR standards
  • passed the biocompatibility test of medical materials Minimal Essential Media (MEM) Elution Test
  • passed Microbial Cleanliness (Bioburden) Test
  • safe masterbatch dyeing
  • does not contain 212 SVHC materials
  • no azo dye used
  • no fluorescent agent, no latex, anti-allergic
  • ISO14644-1 Class7 Cleanroom Production Certification
  • ISO13485:2016 Medical Device Quality Management System Certification
  • obtained CE EU certification
  • US FDA Food and Drug Administration registered

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lifechanging Masks

I really love SaveWo masks. The fit is great for my face shape. I never struggle with any leakage on the sides or slipping, though everyone's face shape is different. I highly recommend getting a sampler since Family Masks offer them at a really great deal if you're wondering if these masks fit or not!

SaveWo masks are really essential for the summer months when it gets super hot since the materials is so light and breathable. They've kept me safe from COVID for over a year now while everyone around me gets sick. They've really changed the game — I think having comfortable masks like these allow me and others to mask for much longer.

Many thanks to the Family Masks business for helping us get these rare masks in the United States!

Cindy Lemons

I was so excited to find masks in beautiful colors. Our whole family continues to mask since 2020. We like to match our mask to our outfits. The SAVEWO masks did not fit any of us properly. The fit was very loose & baggy. We will not sacrifice a tight fit for fashion colors. We have never caught Covid because of wearing KN95's or Aura masks. We were very disappointed in the fit of SAVEWO. Of course, I should have looked at the return policy before ordering such a huge order of those masks. I just got excited at the thought of nice colors in a mask. It's my fault for not trying a sample pack first. I really wish I could return the seven (7) unopened boxes of masks.