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free shipping on orders over $100
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Frequently Asked Questions


Our story begins with a sister who overanalyzes everything but somehow is always right. Her younger brother thinks his sister is super paranoid and hates the fact that she's always right.

The sister and the brother are both optometrists and they run a small family practice in Southern California. How they run a business together without killing each other is a mystery of its own. 

Anyways, March 2020 comes. COVID hits, stocks plunge, Cardi B freaks out. Paranoid sister overanalyzes all available mask options. She computes for all factors including comfort, size, color, style and most importantly safety. Her algorithm determines SAVEWO masks as the winner. 

Paranoid sister is a mother of 2 cute young boys. She starts buying kids masks for her kids and adult masks for everyone working at their medical practice. 

Of course, older sister was right. Savewo masks are a hit with everyone including her kids. Everyone loves them. Patients and parents want in on these masks too! 

So she starts ordering more and more masks from Hong Kong. The people from Savewo were like, "You order so much, you want to be authorized retailer?"

Family Masks is a family owned and operated business. We are health care professionals looking for high quality masks to protect ourselves and more importantly our family. 

From our family to yours, thank you for your business.


Yes, we do have special bulk order pricing if you are buying more than 30 boxes of masks. 

Please e-mail us at for our special bulk order pricing. 

Yes, we sure are! We get our Savewo masks directly from Savewo's manufacturing warehouses in Hong Kong. We understand it's hard to find a trustworthy and legit online retailer to buy Savewo masks in the US. Hopefully Family Masks solves that problem for anyone looking to buy Savewo masks in the US. 

Why Savewo masks?

Savewo is a well established and trusted mask brand from Hong Kong. During our research we found out Savewo is the provider of masks for the top hospitals in Asia. With Savewo masks, safety and protection comes first. Their patent 3D mask design provides exceptional comfort for prolong wear. Plus, they have a wide selection of styles and colors to match everyday outfits. 

Savewo masks come in a variety of different sizes to cater to the varying sizes of human faces. Take a look at the product size chart below and use this as a general guideline to finding the right Savewo mask size for you or your family members. 

With some many different size options, this does make finding the right size of mask for you and your family a little tricky. But once you find the right size mask, you'll be very comfortable with wearing these masks all day. 

We do out best to describe and include sizing dimensions for each mask under the product description. If you have any questions regarding sizing, please email us. 

You can also order sample masks for fitting purpose by clicking this link

Don't know if our masks are going to fit you or your family? No worries, we offer mask samples for fitting purposes. Each order of sample masks includes 4 masks of your choice. Most mask products are available as samples including sold out masks. 

Each order of sample masks are $5.00 and expedited shipping is $10 for a total of $15.  

Here's the link to pay to order sample masks. The masks available for sampling is in the product description.

Once you have placed your online order for samples, sent us an email with your sample mask request. Our email is 


Because of the nature of masks, there will be no returns or exchanges for our mask products. All sales are final.

If you are unsure whether you will like our masks or not, consider buying a sample mask pack to try our masks before committing to buying boxes. 


Please note: If you are ordering just one box of mask, you qualify for standard shipping ($7.00 cost). Any purchase under $50, you will have the option to choose standard shipping. It will take 4-6 days for your order to arrive. 

If you are ordering just samples, you qualify for "sample shipping" ($5.00 cost). It will take 4-6 days for your order to arrive. 

For domestic US orders, we offer expedited shipping ($12.50 cost) through USPS Priority Mail. Once your mask order is shipped, it will arrive in 3-4 business days. 

For domestic US orders over $100, we offer free standard shipping through USPS or UPS. It will take 4-6 days for your order to arrive. 

Due to consistent shipping issues, custom problems and delays internationally, we will not provide any shipping options to countries outside of the US. 

We process orders Monday - Saturday and we do our best to try to mail out your order as fast as we can. We are a small team so please bare with us with any shipping delays you may be experience. Please e-mail us if you have any questions regarding your order or if you have not received your order. Our e-mail is

Sorry Amazon Prime members, we are just a small business so we can't offer free shipping on all orders. However, with all orders over $100, you automatically qualify for free standard shipping! 

Sorry, any orders out of the US will not qualify for free shipping due to high cost of international shipping. 

Due to consistent custom fee issues and customer's not receiveing their packages, we have stopped shipping outside of the US. We apologize for this. 

Didn't find your answer? Please contact us at